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POUT is fertile ground for nonsense political ramblings, creative writing, social commentaries and discussions about art and technology.... One day it hopes to also be a real girl.


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WYTN has invited POUT to join forces for their new project... The Nexus Laboratory: an interdisciplinary performance platform - what a mouthful, eh! 

Basically, w
ith a little help from us, we hope you’ll be inspired to embrace this lofty term in the spirit of creating an exciting new piece of work. 

You'll get some pennies (£200!) to help you create a public performance/showing of the work, some space to develop the work in and mentoring throughout. 

It doesn't matter where you are in your career; we welcome applications from aspiring artists, graduates and established professionals alike. All we do ask is that you have a passion to explore new ideas, collaborate and work collectively with a group of like-minded people. Click here to find out more.

UPDATE: POUT Projections

So, we've gone and bought a Sanyo XP[and some numbers I've forgotten] projector, a pretty powerful Hackintosh and an adobe "creative cloud" package. I'm not sure what we're doing to be honest but the intention is to explore new ways of working with simple technologies. Why? To see if we can produce more textured, visual work that can be done relatively cheaply using some free and rented software.

We will be creating a page on the website soon to document this project as it develops. At the moment our progress hinges on Emma learning how to use everything whilst simultaneously learning how to computer programme, contribute to two other projects, hold down a 9-5 and keep up with the laundry. 

Now breathe.    

Summer Saturnalia 
POUT curated the arts line-up for the culturally diverse and challenging Summer Saturnalia Festival in 2012/13. Follow they hyperlink for more details!

More memories to follow (I've been a busy lady!).......

OLD NEWS: Julie's Shoes Version 2.0
For more information on Julie's shoes visit the Productions page.